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We believe all children have unlimited potential.

The Imagination Project is an educational 501(c)3 literacy non-profit dedicated to reaching the most underserved children
during critical stages of development from the ages of 3-12 through literacy programs, camps, outreach and digital content.

Our mission is to travel to underserved schools and communities to inspire
the imagination and empower children to believe in endless possibilities for themselves.

With your help we can make that dream a reality.


“No one ever comes here…”

These are the words that created The Imagination Project. The came from a third-grade teacher in an elementary school in the far reaches of Brooklyn. Just one of one thousand ways in which the cards are stacked against children in low income and underserved communities. As we left that day, a question rang in our heads that we have not been able to shake.  If no one ever came, how would these children ever compete with their more blessed counterparts who already had advantages in education, resources and access? If not through dreams, what hope do the ever have of seeing a better life?

All children need a core belief system that empowers them. For the most economically disadvantaged child, these core beliefs are more than essential, they are critical. Very often the reality of their surroundings move them in the opposite direction of possibilities. Suffered long enough, children who lack positive messaging eventually develop a permanent core belief system that is devoid of vision and full of limits.

The goal of our literacy non-profit is to remove these limits and empower these children to reach any heights imaginable. Our mission is to be present for the most underserved children and ignite their imaginations. 

Our school visits so far have been nothing less than magical, but we still have so much more to do. Our goals are simple:

  • Visit all of the schools no one ever goes to.
  • Give away thousands of books to improve literacy.
  • Reshape their thinking around a world of possibility.
  •  Sending the least fortunate to exciting camps and unique programs these children would otherwise be unable to afford.

With your support, we can help so many deserving children see a world they never thought was possible. Please consider donating to our mission. Because every child deserves to dream. 


“This was one of the most engaging and entertaining Author Talks this season at the Brooklyn Public Library. It was great for the kids to have the opportunity to see Wylde Scott, the character they read about, brought to life. You have a wonderful way of connecting with children of all levels and ages and eliciting feedback and crowd participation.”

Brandon Graham
Brooklyn Public Library

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly,
you cease for ever to be able to do it.”

J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Help Us Empower a Child

The Imagination Project literacy non-profit is designed to empower children through four specific and connected strategies all designed to permanently connect underprivileged children to an empowered belief system: literacy, outreach, experience and digital content.

If you have witnessed the power of a child meeting one of their favorite characters, you know the encounter can be magical for the child. Since launching, Wylde Scott has done over 100 live shows in book stores, libraries and elementary schools, with audiences numbering from twenty to five hundred.

The connection from these live events is incomparable to any other form of communicating with the young reader and has far exceeded our expectations. There are nearly 50,000 Title 1 schools in the US, with nearly 20 million children.

We would love to visit each and every one.



At the center of The Imagination Project is a unique literacy campaign. Through their character Wylde Scott., the founders will be publishing 2-3 books each year all aimed inspiring the imaginations of children from 3-12. As part of the project our goal is to give away at least 10,000 books each year for free.


To greatly enhance the literacy campaign, The Imagination Project will be focused on bringing its message in person to as many underserved schools across the country as possible. With each live visit Wylde Scott will personally give each child a book to take home with them.

Digital Content

As an effort to increase exposure and reinforce the impact of our literacy and outreach campaign, The Imagination Project will be developing digital content designed for public broadcast, mobile platforms and downloadable formats to be used for free in classrooms across the country.

Dream Camps

Experiences in Life matter. We will be funding trips to dream camps and opportunities such the famous Space Camp, providing life changing experiences to children that would otherwise never have access to.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Albert Einstein

The World of Wylde Scott

Wylde Scott is a traveler, storyteller and champion of children’s imagination whose goal is to entertain and inspire children to follow their dreams.

He was born of the imaginations of the founders of The Imagination Project and has been brought to life to connect with children in ways no ordinary adult is able to.

His first two published books, The Possible Police and Seaside, were both Mom’s Choice Gold Award Winners. The Possible Police was an  IndieFab Finalist for Foreword Reviews Book of the Year, and Seaside was a Foreword Reviews IndieFab Book of the Year Award Winner. Many more books are yet to some. To see live videos, digital content and learn more about Wylde Scott, visit

“I believe children should live in the land of dreams and inhabit the world of endless possibilities. There will always be a long line of doubters and naysayers waiting to tell them what they cannot do. I want them to know something different.”

Wylde Scott

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