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The Power of Literacy and Imagination

By September 9, 2022September 20th, 2022One Comment

Have you heard? The greatest amount of brain growth occurs from birth to the age of five.

Numerous studies show that interaction with language, words and reading at this stage have lasting effects that will impact their entire lives. A healthy imagination contributes to some of most profound attributes of success in adult lives such as complex problem solving, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, coordination with others and cognitive flexibility.

Lack of literacy and imagination at the early stages of development does immeasurable damage to a child’s emotional and intellectual development. Low literary rates contribute to low self esteem and isolation, higher dropout rates, unemployment and low paying jobs and higher rates of incarceration. 80% of children living in disadvantaged communities lack strong reading skills and less than half of families living in poverty do not have books in their homes.

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One Comment